Protestors gathered to protest vaccine mandates and other restrictions on coronavirus, and caused economic damage in the region.

Canadian police arrived to clear protestors blocking the Ambassador Bridge between Canada and the United States.

Within 24 hours of the order by a judge to the protestors to leave, Windsor police officers posted that they had “commenced enforcement near and at the Ambassador Bridge,” which connects the Canadian city to Detroit.

Police stated that they urge all demonstrators “to act lawfully and peacefully.” “Commuters are being asked to stay clear of the affected areas at this point.”

As police arrived to break up the blockade that had been in place for nearly a week, it appeared that the tension was dissolving peacefully on Saturday morning.

Many protestors began to leave the area, without resistance. Some had stayed the night at Ambassador Bridge, despite new warnings that the blockade must be ended.

Protesters doubled down on their defiance when new crowds began gathering at Ambassador Bridge Saturday afternoon, further stalling the clearing of the blockade.

After Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz, the Ontario Superior Court, ordered them to leave Friday, police warned that anyone who blocks streets or helps block streets could be arrested.

After a hearing lasting 4 1/2 hours, he ruled in favor of the city of Windsor. Lawyers for auto parts manufacturers had successfully argued the blockade was causing undue financial harm to the region and city by disrupting traffic flow and forcing both the auto and auto industries to halt production.

Doug Ford , Ontario Premier, declared a state-of-emergency earlier Friday and promised to use all resources of government to stop a two week long protest by Canadian truckers.

Ford claimed that the trucker protest amounts a “siege of downtown Ottawa” and the Ambassador Bridge.

Truckers and other supporters of the protesters argued that an order would prevent them from peacefully protesting vaccine mandates that could affect their ability to make a living.

Truckers also staged a demonstration that had closed down Ottawa’s core over various Covid-19 rules. This led to the declaration of a city-wide emergency by Canada’s capital.

The “Freedom Convoy” is a group of hundreds of protestors who have used their trucks to block streets and blare their horns, disrupting traffic.

Ottawa and Canada have been tense over the protest, which was triggered by harassment allegations and flags with Confederate and swastikas flags.

An Ipsos poll found that the majority of Canadians are opposed to truckers’ actions.