13 vacationers from Germany who were arrested on Mallorca for suspected arson remain behind bars for the time being. The responsible investigating judge in Palma ordered the tourists to be held in custody without the right to bail, as the newspaper “Diario de Mallorca” and other regional media reported late Saturday evening, citing the judiciary of the Spanish Mediterranean island. A judicial spokesman confirmed this information on Sunday when asked.

The Germans are accused of throwing cigarette butts onto the terrace roof of the “Why Not” restaurant and also pouring alcohol on it at a party on the balcony of their hotel near Ballermann on Friday. The reed roof caught fire, according to media reports the flames damaged the restaurant. According to the German landlady Alice Klotz, the damage was around 150,000 euros. According to the authorities, another roof as well as an apartment and the hotel were also damaged by the fire.

The Germans arrested on Friday evening are said to have exercised their right not to testify during their interrogation by the judge on Saturday. The judge assumes “common responsibility”, wrote “Diario de Mallorca”. It was initially unclear where the arrested people came from in Germany.

According to the “Mallorca Zeitung”, the investigating judge’s decision not to release the accused on bail also played a role in the fact that the holidaymakers’ behavior allegedly not only caused property damage, but also put other people in danger had. A man suffered from mild smoke inhalation, a girl suffered a cut on her foot.

The tourism industry on the holiday island of Mallorca, which is popular with Germans, is again looking to the future with more optimism this year. After two bad Corona years, some hotel managers on the Mediterranean island are even anticipating that demand could exceed supply.