As viewers watched the ‘cringe-worthy interview’ with James Blunt , a singer on BBC Breakfast that included an awkward discussion about plastic surgery, they were visibly squirming.

Blunt, 47 years old, spoke on the show about his new Greatest Hits album. Blunt had followed through on his threat of new music if Spotify did not remove Joe Rogan’s controversial podcast from its platform.

Charlie Stayt, the presenter, said that Blunt appeared to be growing older after he played a selection of Blunt songs.

He said to him, “You seem to be growing older.” Let me reflect for a second on this. What’s the story?

Blunt said then, with a smirk, “Well, you’re right, I think plastic surgery is little and often is what I would recommend.”

Stayt responded: “As some people will believe that’s double bluff.”


Blunt stared at Blunt blankly before saying, “It’s no, no… I don’t know where to take it from here.”

Naga Munchetty, co-host, began to laugh. Stayt smiled awkwardly and said: “We’ll end right there.”

Many fans criticised the interview as embarrassing and said that the entire conversation was full of ‘inane questions’.

One tweet: “What an awful interview Charlie and Naga. We had to turn it off because it was so appalling that even James Blunt thought it so.

Another stated, “Very possibly one of the most infuriating interviews I have ever heard.” James, you are very kind for your patience with their absurd questions and showing such grace.

Another wrote, “That was a really surreal Interview with James Blunt on #BBCBreakfast. They didn’t have any idea what to say or how to respond to him. Weird.”

Another added: “Cringeworthy interview with James Blunt. So embarrassing, ridiculous and immature questions about James Blunt’s sleeping arrangements on the tour bus. How about his music? James thought, “Get me out of here!” !”

Blunt has made this joke about plastic surgery several times.

One of the fans posed a question to the singer and said, “Finally saw #Monsters by @JamesBlunt WOW. It was very emotional. A lighter note: How do men look younger as they age? I don’t remember him looking so hot before! !”

Blunt replied simply, “It’s called little bit of plastic surgeon.” My motto is “Little and often.”

He also gave live advice to the Mirror last year, saying, “There are so many aspects I’d change.”

“I believe that plastic surgery should be done only when it is necessary.”