The reduction in fuel tax is getting weaker and weaker with customers. The price for the Super E10 rose again on Saturday morning, as the ADAC announced on request. Diesel was roughly at the level of the previous day.

According to the traffic club, both fuels were too expensive. “There is clearly not enough for the consumer,” said a spokesman. “The development is going in the completely wrong direction.”

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Specifically, Super E10 cost 1.960 euros per liter on Saturday at 9.50 a.m. according to ADAC on average nationwide. That was 1.6 cents more than 24 hours earlier. Diesel cost 2.001 euros per liter – this corresponds to the value of the previous day’s period.

In view of the development, the ADAC also expected a further increase in the daily average price for E10 for Saturday compared to the previous day. However, daily average prices are typically lower than the 9.50am values ​​as fuel tends to become cheaper towards the evening.