The representatives of the influential Iraqi shi’ite leader Moqtada al Sadr, as the biggest party in the parliament yesterday began a sit-in in the Iraqi parliament. That the two of them to the French news agency (AFP) has been announced. In the action-only to stop and demands” of the protesters “is ” true”, it could be that.

be In Iraq for the past few weeks to protest against corruption and misrule in the country. As the protest movement at the beginning of October it took place, did it in a week’s time, more than 150 deaths. The Iraqi government promised when, in order to implement reforms, but because of the divisions in the parliament, there is as yet no measures have been adopted.

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Thursday, it was a protest against corruption, unemployment and poor public services have resumed. For the past two days, according to a human rights organization once again been at least 63 protesters killed in clashes with the police. The two sides are in total 2.592 people were injured.

Moqtada al Sadr seems to have been since the beginning of this month, and on the side of the protesters at the same time, and warned that his fighters would like to use the activists to “protect”.