• Channel Nine was looking for a doctor to discuss the story of cosmetic surgery.
  • Unknown man scuffles with A Current Affair journalist Bondi
  • The Cosmetic surgeon who was questioned said that he had nothing to do with the incident.

A Current Affair reporter was involved in a fight with a supporter for a cosmetic surgeon.

Steve Marshall, a journalist, was interviewing Dr Daniel Aronov in Sydney’s Bondi when an unidentified man confronted Marshall.

Channel Nine wanted to interview Dr Aronov about his cosmetic surgery practices.

After speaking briefly with Dr Aronov in a cafe, Mr Marshall was confronted immediately by a middle-aged male wearing an orange T shirt and board shorts.

The man with the bearded face was seen pushing the reporter against the cafe wall.

The man tried to claim that he wasn’t the aggressor during the attack, which was captured by a Channel Nine crew. He said: “You headbutted me hand.”

Dr Aronov was previously employed at the disgraced Dr Lanzer clinics, run Dr Daniel Lanzer. This is currently being investigated by Australia’s health regulator.

A Current Affair was informed by Dr Aronov that he had resigned from his position and that he has taken some time off.

Later, through his lawyer, he stated that ‘It would not be appropriate for me to comment upon any matters currently the subject of an AHPRA inquiry’. This refers to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

He also stated that he wasn’t responsible for the incident involving Marshall through his lawyer.

“I had nothing to do about that incident. I didn’t provoke it or incite it. I don’t condone it.”

Dr Daniel Lanzer, a celebrity surgeon claims that he is in a ‘turf battle’ and has launched his own independent investigation into himself

After shocking allegations regarding his practice were made on ABC’s Four Corners, Dr Daniel Lanzer, a celebrity cosmetic surgeon, claimed that he was the victim of a “plastic surgery turf war.”

The experts spoke with experts and showed them videos of cosmetic procedures at Lanzer’s clinics.

One video shows surgeons from Lanzer’s clinics singing, dancing and laughing while they insert long metal cannulas into an unconscious patient during liposuction.

Dr Lanzer, in social media posts, blamed a longstanding surgery “turf war” for the Four Corners story.

“There are three plastic surgeons that have come together to try and defame my name.”

Dr Lanzer stated that he would expose the truth about the surgeons involved with the turf war.