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History 27/12/19 Pass in the German “Paradise”: how the Nazis deceived a red

One of the most effective tools of any war is often called propaganda. During the war it is indispensable. The warring parties use all possible ways of influencing the civilian population and the armed forces of the enemy. As the channels of influence used radio, Newspapers and leaflets dropped from the air on cities and location of enemy units.

All of these were used by German troops during the great Patriotic war. The streets of Soviet cities the Germans generously showered with various types of leaflets containing information discrediting the Soviet power. They also painted, as a “fine” life of the Soviet citizens and soldiers in German captivity.

the Flyers, the Germans started to scatter from planes already in the first days of the war. Some of them pretended to be a “pass the prisoner”. Apparently, according to the idea of the Nazis, holding up a piece of paper from the ground of Soviet soldiers had to fall for the sweet promises of the good life in Germany.

it Should be noted that the enemy was approaching the case with fiction – “pass” was printed on cigarette paper in which to wrap the tobacco and solid, the word “PASS” and a large official seal, had to inspire confidence.

the Text of a “pass” usually read:


threaten You if you go to the Germans, your wives, children and all the family are sent to concentration camps or killed. Are you afraid to cross us, and your family in the rear of the starving. After crossing to the Germans, you will accelerate the end of the war, and the only way you will be able to save his family from starvation.
You are suffering on the front; your blood shed for Stalin and his gang; but your family in the rear are struggling with poverty and hunger. Why continue to experience this horror? Hurry us and the war will be over soon. After the war, you will arrange a new life on their land in the liberated homeland.

a PASS. Valid until the end of the war for an unlimited number of fighters, commanders and political instructors of the red Army. Defected voluntarily under the new order of Hitler, we appeal especially well — they get a special licence. The German command does not publish lists of prisoners of war. Willing to work, we are throwing in the specialty. Don’t forget to take an overcoat and a bowler!”

In some samples, apparently, for greater solidity, was the text in German:

“Passierschen. Dieser Passierschen gilt fuer Offiziere, Politarbeiter Mannschafen und der Sovietarmee” (“Pass. This pass, intended for officers, political officers and soldiers of the Soviet army”). Indicated, also, the number of passes and date.

needless to say that the truth in this “pass” was only the numbers denoting the date?

Paul of the assumption

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