fear of flying is a common fear that a vacation can be quite mess things up. It’s a fear of flying, and how did you get it?

And Sophia de Boer (52), following an international beauty pageant, to the Netherlands, flew back home from Japan, she was in a nightmare. “Some hours after we took off we were, all of a sudden an air pocket and crashed with the plane’s gauges at the bottom, like a falling elevator in a shaft. There was a terrible cries, and all of the things and people that are separate sat and clapped our hands to the ceiling. I have thought about it in that chaos that I mentioned in my uppie was dying.”

One in every three people has some form of fear of flying

According to the Confidence to Fly, an institution for people with a fear of flying, on average, one in three people suffer from fear of flying. That does not necessarily mean that you are screaming and crying in the airplane seat, ” explains co-founder Dominique Size of the Confidence to Fly out of. “Fear of flying will vary from very bad anxiety for a little bit of fear.”

“a plane is something we cannot understand. How is it possible for such a large aircraft stays in the air?”

Kirsten van Houten, vliegangstcoach < / p> Vliegangstcoach Kirsten van Houten will see that the fear of flying is only a small part of the students comes from a bad experience on a flight. A lot of people have a fear of flying and never have a phone in here. Often, they are afraid of losing control or a fear of a panic attack to get it.

“Fly, of course, is something we cannot understand,” says Wood. “How is it that such a large aircraft stays in the air? If that’s already been exciting to find out, they are going to do things for themselves to fill in the form. For example, if the plane lifts off, and the lights will flash for a moment, they think, ‘ oh god, what if something is wrong, we’re going to crash. While, in reality, only the unit will be disconnected.”

After the nightmarish experience, The Farmer is always the fear remained. “For the first time, I went with my boyfriend, now my husband, to the isle of Kos was flying, I have tears crying. He was shocked, there is a lot of it. The crew made sure that I was allowed to get in, when everyone else in the plane, so I wouldn’t be in the chaos and walked through the door.”

the fear of flying is, in part, because people don’t understand how a plane works. (Photo: the Confidence to Fly).

“Ah, man, having a glass of wine, it goes again”

According to the Size that is fear of flying is not always taken seriously. “People say to me, ah, come on, there’s nothing to worry about. Have a glass of wine, and it stuck just fine. But that response doesn’t help. So, if you increase just a lot of pressure on people to be quite and to keep fear in. Instead, the fear is recognized. The fear is that it will be okay. You can only overcome it.”

In a course on fear of flying overcome this, the students receive information about the operation of the aircraft. “Fearful people are supercreatief in coming up with the worst of the worst case scenario’s. We will explain every step of what is to come. Now, you will hear a beep in the cabin for the pilot to have a drink for asking. Now, the light blinks, that is, as the unit is removed,” explains Wood from it. “We must replace the fear-based interpretation with actual knowledge of it.”

The Jack will fly by now and again, but not by very much. “I have to learn to control it for the children. We have to take a flight of up to two and a half hours to take a warm holiday, but not a lot.”

Tips for hassle free Fly to get in the aircraft, Teach yourself some stress and mindfulnessoefeningen, such as the bodyscan. Sitting in the cabin seat, with both feet firmly on the ground, close your eyes, and pay attention to your breathing and scan your body, step-by-step. How do you have your feet on the ground? How do they feel in your shoes. Stand on any part of your body still for a moment. In the book, you have to Overcome the fear of flying by a pilot with Kelly Otte can help you find the cause of your fear of flying is to understand it. Prepare your trip properly before, make sure you have all your stuff ready so you don’t stress, the trip to the airport. Make sure you have sufficient distractions for the plane, in the form of books, movies, and music. If you are experiencing any fear coming up, then look up a contact with the person sitting next to you. Don’t be yourself, because that will give your brain the chance to do all kinds of doom scenarios can be considered.