Multimedia With the purchase of a smartwatch can be really crazy to do: and now the premium models on the market, the prices are up to $ 1,000. Fortunately, there are a good smartwatch can be found at relatively reasonable prices. We were looking for at the best under $ 200. The Samsung Galaxy Watch will have Assets (€ 178), a

Two years ago, it seemed as if the hype surrounding the smartwatch are suddenly all over it, but still, Samsung is not at least the samsung Galaxy Watch launch. The release, which early this year was to focus on the sport, and the fitnessgebruik. The watch can thus include your heart rate, steps, stress, sleep, and meet your work-out, run – and-zwemtrainingen. Thanks to the built-in music player, your smartphone can be left at home if you have a round, go for a jog in the park. Perfect place to stay according to a lot of users, with heavy usage you need to be free often charge.Click here to see the Samsung Galaxy Watch is Active.

, Compare the best smartwatch under 200 euros

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