A Film by The French film industry was in shock. The public prosecutor’s office of Paris, france, an investigation is initiated, after eye-opening testimony from the actress, Adèle Haenel (30). Against news website Mediapart said that the award-winning French, who had several awards to her name, which she, as a young teenager to be sexually abused doorChristophe Ruggia (54), destijdsde the director of her first feature film.

According to the Haenel, although there was “continued harassment” by Christophe Ruggia, the film director of ‘The Devil’ published in 2002. In the film, it was Everything to her debut as a young girl with autism, to spelen.De the actress says that the abuse started when she was about 12 years old and continued until she was 15 years old. They omschrijftde handelingenvan the regisseurals “child abuse, and sexual harassment.” Also, according to the actress, that they are a Race of ‘ forced kisses in the neck,” to give up, and that she “repeatedly had to reach out and touch, from his thighs up to his chest.” The facts are, according to Haenel gepleegdin the residence of the director at various international film festivals. By Christophe Ruggia, was when a 40-year-old.

Everything was decided, to his own words, “to speak out about the alleged harassment after the viewing of the groundbreaking documentary” Leaving Neverland, ” in which Michael Jackson was accused of child sexual abuse. When she found out that Ruggia on a new film for young teenagers to work, she decided to go to the media to step up.“It has changed my perspective,” she said in an emotional interview with news website Mediapart. “It made me realize that I am me, after a long period of clinging to the one of Christophe Ruggia, who says that it’s all for love it was done.It really helped me with the mechanics of control, and a fascination with understanding.”

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