A dream come true. A teenager from Novosibirsk on the day was the hockey player

the Hockey club “Siberia” decided to fulfill a teenage dream of the Novosibirsk region. One day Vanya Ivantsov became a main squad player of the team “Siberia” and performed two of the bullet. To earn this right the boy had to fight.

In front of a Packed stadium at the age of 13 effectively to beat the goalkeeper if, in the final of the Olympic games. Is not this a dream!? However, this possibility is Ivan deserved. It sent the movie with the implementation of the free throw is recognized as the best. So during the break he had already broken the main goalkeeper of “Siberia” Alexey Krasikov.

the Head of the Board of Trustees of “Siberia” and the owner “Sibantratsita” Dmitry Bosov, who himself regularly goes on the ice, including why he considers an important task the strengthening of the children’s school of the Siberian hockey and colleagues support him.

“it’s very important and it is important that through the system of club “Siberia” the young guys-the players got into the national teams of Russia of various ages, and especially, of course, hope to see Novosibirsk, passing club, team, youth world championship,” – said Bosses.

this practice in the sport last time is quite common. However, in most cases, some of the fans fighting for a reward. For example, a few days ago, a fan of basketball CSKA won the prize of one million rubles, throwing during the break, the ball directly from the center of the site. A similar situation was at that game, the Lakers in the NBA, but there the amount was 100 thousand dollars.

And in Kazan last year at a hockey match “AK Bars” fans hit the small gap in the gate, punching with the opposite edge of the Board and also became the proud owner of a million rublesth.