The car of The British company, Protean Electric, has a wielmodule invented the 360 degrees of rotation. One of the main advantages of the system is that the vehicle be able to park without reverse to drive.

The system, called Protean 360 is actually more than just a wheel, because it covers both the drive unit as the main controls-steering, brakes, and suspension. It is powered by an electric motor, and rotates around its own axis by means of the one at the top of the wheel is inserted in the electric motor. Reports that the website of The Committee.

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The Protean in-wheel electric motor, and allows drive-shafts, differentials, and transmissions are unnecessary. This greatly reduces the weight, cost and complexity of the electric power train.Because of all of the four wheels, 360 degrees spin, be able to vehicles in addition, the optimal maneuver. It can also be the vehicle to settle to the heavy side with the wheels, so that the bottom is nice and you can connect to the sidewalk to get in and out easier.

The wielmodules be used for an autonomous vehicle as a vehicle with a driver, and, according to Protean Electric, a major contribution to the future of electric cars and other vehicles, such as buses and the city’s pods. The company’s Protean, is the property of Swedish manufacturer of electric vehicles, Nevs. When the wheels begin to apply it, it is not to be disclosed.