93 residents of Novosibirsk became infected with the coronavirus during the day

Novosibirsk, the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus reported new statistics on the number of infected on 6 August.

According to the operational headquarters on the morning of 6 August in the region was 9939 cases of infection with coronavirus (+93 for the last day), including 581 infected child. 8266 patients were discharged with recovery (+72 per day) — said in an official statement.

In intensive care units are 67 people. Ventilation of 15 patients.

56 Hospitalized children with suspected coronavirus, including children with a confirmed diagnosis. Adult patients with an established diagnosis COVID-19, and also with the suspicion on him in the infectious disease hospitals of Novosibirsk — 1206. In hospital districts with suspected coronavirus infection and laboratory confirmed diagnosis 671 hospitalized patient.