For many, subscription services were a way to escape the mundanity of COVID-19 lockdowns. Getting something new in the mail or online on a regular basis can be an exciting way to spice things up, even after the pandemic subsides.

With the market for subscriptions currently at a critical mass, it can be easy to let some of the best ones slip through the cracks. Here are ones worth knowing about:

Birth Control and Medications

As healthcare moves towards the internet, so too does the way we get our prescriptions and medications. A number of key medical products are now available for shipping straight to your doorstep: Nurx offers hundreds of types of birth control for patients to choose from, while Ritual allows customers to create the vitamin supplement that works best for them.

Part subscription, part telemedicine, these kinds of services make healthcare more affordable and convenient. You’ll still need a prescription for medications not traditionally purchased over the counter, but services like Nurx facilitate this by connecting you with a provider who will write a prescription if medically appropriate.

Plants and Gardening

The subscription boom has been a particularly beneficial one for green thumbs. Whether you need gardening supplies or live plants, you can get a monthly subscription for everything you’ll need. Most of these boxes come with educational instructions, so no matter your experience, you’ll be gardening like a pro.

If you like succulents, joining Succulent Studio’s plant of the month club will add some diversity to your garden. If you prefer plants you can eat, the Urban Organic Gardener ships heirloom, GMO-free seeds based on your location. For those who like sending gifts, The Bouqs plant box ships orchids, snake plants, and flowers to whomever you’d like.

Stationery and Writing Tools

Even with so much online, the art of physical writing is still practiced by many. And as you’ve probably guessed, there are plenty of subscriptions out there for those who love filling their pages with ink.

Fiction buffs will love Scribbler, a unique subscription box curated by authors. Each box includes a fiction novel, a writing prompt, tips, gifts, and a chance to speak to a published writer. If you need tons of pens and places to write on, SCRIBEdelivery sends cases of unique writing tools and stationery. For the more visually inspired, The Inky Box includes lettering tools, watercolors, card stock, and more.

Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability and green innovation are increasingly popular, especially with Millennials and Gen Z consumers. With that popularity has come a slew of subscription boxes filled with eco-friendly, cruelty-free, fair trade products worth trying out. Whether you’re looking for clothing, food, personal hygiene, or even science projects, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Public Goods, for instance, offers organic, sustainably sourced groceries and household items. Frank and Oak ships modern, minimalist clothing packaged by your own personal stylist, complete with returns for unwanted items. Dropps sells eco-friendly pods for laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dishwasher detergent along with mesh washing bags. Green Kid Crafts sends monthly science experiments for your youngsters to learn about ecology and sustainability. If you’re environmentally conscious, you don’t have to worry: There are plenty of alternatives to the conventional options out there.

Programming and Engineering

In a world so filled with electronics, knowing how these machines work is a useful skill to have. No matter your age, there are options to brush up on your hacking, programming, and engineering skills.

For kids interested in computer science, Bitsbox is a great way to introduce them to coding with easy exercises. For older kids and adults, Creation Crate teaches the basics of working with electronic components, wiring, and circuitry. If you want to try your hand at robotics, there’s a subscription for that too. The GoBox is a great way for families to learn how to build mini robots including a toy car.

Direct Primary Care (DPC)

On the topic of healthcare, there is a new kind of practice gaining popularity in America: direct primary care. As insurance costs become more expensive, people and doctor’s offices are both struggling to keep up. To keep those costs manageable while maximizing patient care, some doctors have opted for a monthly subscription model. Instead of insurance for primary care visits, you pay a fixed monthly fee directly to your doctor’s office.

While you might need insurance for in-depth tests like MRIs or name-brand medications, DPC covers regular doctor visits. Each clinic offers different services built into their model, but DPC shifts the focus back on patient care. Instead of juggling multiple insurance agencies, doctors and their staff can give their full attention to their clinic.

Moreover, doctors no longer need to wait for insurance claims to process before getting paid. DPC gives doctors a better view of their monthly cash flow, in turn saving money from time wasted on bureaucracy. These savings are passed on to the member-patients from the clinic’s reduced overhead.

General Retail

If you’re an Amazon user, there’s another way to save time and money on purchases you might not already know about. Instead of manually reordering items you use regularly at home, you can subscribe to commonly used goods for automatic repurchase.

Popular items for automated purchase are those that generally require regular purchasing: toiletries, cleaning supplies, dry food, and vitamin supplements. By subscribing to automatic repurchases, you can ensure that you always get the goods you need without making endless trips to the store.

Weird, Random, and Fun Boxes

For every useful subscription out there, there are plenty of fun and zany ones to try out, too. Without being able to fit them into any of the above categories, these weird boxes are still worth mentioning.

The Exotic Noods box sends four unique ramen packages every month. The Freedom Japanese Market box sends you a pound of authentic Japanese candies and snacks. FX Crate is for those who love movie makeup and special effects. Pickles Every Month is, as you can guess, a monthly subscription for all kinds of pickles.

Cryptid Crates are for the cryptozoologists still tracking down Bigfoot. Finders Seekers is for those who love mysteries without leaving the house. Wonderful Objects is great for those obsessed with the esoteric mysteries of life and existence. The Hygge Box is just as its Danish name implies: a box filled with coziness and comfort.

No matter if you’re looking for gifts for the upcoming holidays or wanting to simplify life, there’s something for everyone.