50 shades of pepper: as CFO gave up a career to open his shop in Novosibirsk

Marina Golovina has made a good career for the CFO. Then went on maternity leave and discovered the world of smells — was it easy to separate natural from synthetic. And since she always loved to cook, and spices began to play for her new colors, but not all of it was easy to get retail. So the Marina first opened online store, and then his spice shop, “Basil”, which is now about 200 kinds of spices from different countries. How much money need to open his shop, what difficulties have to face to the beginning businessman, whether it really earn on the spices and then the spices from the supermarket (spoiler: this text will teach you what improper conduct is mixed in the usual seasonings) — Wthe journalist must always NGS Maria Tishchenko spoke with Marina Golovina and learned the story of her small but proud business.