5 the worst attacks on embassies of the USSR abroad

History 07/02/20 5 the worst attacks on embassies of the USSR abroad

“America is worse than England, England worse than the Soviet Union, and the Soviets worse than them both” – this slogan of Ayatollah Khomeini supported a variety of terrorists and extremists around the world. Not surprisingly, Soviet embassies and consulates often become targets of attacks.

the Shooting of the Consulate in Canton

Events at the Chinese Consulate in Canton (now Guangzhou) in 1927, in its consequences was perhaps the most tragic in the history of Soviet diplomacy. The defeat of the Consulate was preceded by unsuccessful attempt of local Communists to establish a Soviet government (“the Canton commune”). One of the leaders of the Kuomintang – Wang Jingwei – suspected instigators of the uprising were Russian. On his orders, the soldiers of the Republic of China December 14, invaded the premises and shot five of his staff, including the Vice-Consul Abram Chassis, an old Bolshevik and member of the Civil war. In the future, Chiang Kai-shek ordered to liquidate all Soviet consulates.

the Explosion in tel-Aviv

the Evening of 9 February 1953 at the Soviet Embassy in Israel’s capital city explosion. The attackers planted a bomb under a marble bench in the yard, and fragments of stone flew in all directions. Injured the wife of an Ambassador Pavel Ershov, the wife of the caretaker Sysoeva, as well as the driver of the Embassy Grishin. The Israeli police have established only that exploded, most likely, a grenade (although the Soviet side insisted that the weight of explosives amounted to 30 kg). Neither the performers nor the customers of the attack and was not found, despite all efforts of the investigation. It is possible that the accident was due to the anti-Jewish “doctors ‘ plot” in the Soviet Union. Just a day before the explosion, “Pravda” published a feuilleton “the Simpletons and charlatans”, calling not to hire “questionable” persons of Jewish origin.

Attack of the red guards

Supporters of Mao Zedong era of the Cultural revolution in China was slightly better than komendantova 1920-ies. January 27, 1967, when relations between the USSR and China were strained to the limit, the crowd of red guards surrounded the Soviet Embassy in Beijing. In fact, the diplomats were blocked. Strung Chinese through speakers shouted quotes Mao and burned effigies depicting the “Soviet revisionists”. “Siege” of the Embassy lasted 2 weeks. The red guards threw the Windows with stones, and once broke into the room itself. But before storming the offices, where they closed the Embassy staff, it did not come. Of Russian in those days suffered only the wife of a diplomat from Eastern Germany, which in the store “Druzhba” stabbed the Chinaman.

the RAID on the Embassy in Iran

After the overthrow of the Shah of Iran to the Soviet Embassy in Tehran fell on hard times. December 27, 1980, the anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, to the building of the Embassy drew a crowd of several thousand people. They invaded the premises of the representative office on the ground floor, where it broke an antique vase, broken furniture and chunks of the picture. Fortunately, diplomats who had taken refuge on the second floor, was not injured. According to the KGB resident in Tehran Leonid Shebarshin, the attack was probably carefully planned, but he’s not necessarily stood the Shiite clergy. It could do left-wing groups that were active in the country. Participated in the attack and ethnic Afghans living in Iran.

the Kidnapping of diplomats in Beirut

Only thanks to the efforts of the Soviet intelligence services was relatively little blood to resolve the incident in the Lebanese Beirut in 1985. 30 September near the Soviet Embassy, the militants of the movement “Hezbollah” to stop 2 cars with the Russian. The consular officer Arkady Katkov, was killed, three more Soviet citizens the terrorists kept the hostages: the Embassy physician Nikolai Svirsky, officers of the state security Valery Marikova and Oleg Spirin. The talks, which vewere, through many channels, including through Syria, nor to no avail. The hostages were released only after the KGB in retaliation kidnapped and killed a relative of one of the organizers of the attack.

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