Brussels-Children from 7 to 77 can be located during the half-term scramble to the Bricklive, the big Lego-event in Tour & Taxis in brussels. The organisation collected more than five million lego blocks to do the job.

by 2017 the region, the event will be put up in Brussels; however, in comparison with this particular issue is the organizational structure, the likes of which the world. “We have been in the area has doubled to 8,000 square feet,” says executive director, Mario Iacampo. “The last time we had about 22,000 people on the floor so we expect to see these at any time and more.”

The expo, which opened on Friday at Tour & Taxis in brussels. Visitors will be able to approach it in a variety of areas. “This year We have used more interactivity.”, says Iacampo. “This is an area of Virtual Reality, where you have one game to go. Of course, We try to be close to the concept of Lego, but this time around, we wanted to make a broader move. It is, finally, a nice day out with the family stories.” Iacampo, wants to be the focus, also empty, on to learn. “Lego, the toy with choice allowing children to learn how to deal with the challenges,” he said. “We have an area dedicated to showing works.”

In the zone to be able to have children 10 years of age and older, to work with the Mindstorms project, Lego that allows them to take their first steps into programming can be set. They are taking the help of the volunteers of the Jeunesses Scientifiques Bruxelles (ulb). “We want to give the kids an assignment: they have to be, for example, a robot program within a given field will remain,” says Youssef Ben Achir of the Jeunesses Scientifiques Bruxelles (ulb). “The user interface is very simple, and it works a bit like lego blocks. They need to get the right elements together. With this process the young people’s enthusiasm for science and to teach them how the problems have to be addressed. The robots, which you can see here, even by the space agency NASA, used the tests to do so. Exactly, they work.”

From Fantasy to Star Wars.

another eye-catcher is the fanzone. There are creations, designed and built by enthusiasts, that’s all any help will do. “We have a wide variety of themes, from Fantasy, to Star Wars,” said John Quairia, who is himself, in his spare time, game is going to work. “Some of our buildings, to come out of the rare crates, but the other is to build their creations, and according to their own imagination. We have been trying to get a few good examples from the netherlands and Belgium put together.”

< / i> Bricklive will run until Sunday, november 3, at Tour & Taxis in brussels. Tickets are 15 euro in advance and 20 euros at the box office. Familietickets cost 45 euros in advance or $ 60 at the door. For more info, see: