India has emerged as a frontrunner in the 2024 APAC Effie Awards, with a total of 47 finalists. The Effie Asia Pacific organization recently announced that 121 finalists have been selected after a rigorous judging process, with the winners set to be unveiled at the Awards Gala on September 13, 2024.

The judging process involved intense discussions and scrutiny from approximately 120 judges, some of whom traveled to Singapore to evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign. Awards Chairperson Tze Kiat Tan of BBDO, along with eight Heads of Jury, led the final round of judging to determine the finalists.

In addition to India’s impressive lead with 47 finalists, Australia and New Zealand tied for second place with 19 finalists each, followed by Singapore with 13 finalists. Among the agency networks, Ogilvy emerged on top with 34 finalists, followed by DDB Worldwide with 19 finalists, and The Womb with 9 finalists. In terms of marketers, McDonald’s led the pack with 11 finalists, followed by the Coca-Cola Company with 8 finalists, and Grab with 5 finalists.

Awards Chairperson Tze Kiat Tan expressed gratitude towards the dedicated jury members from various parts of the Asia Pacific region, highlighting the effort put forth to assess each case. Tan commended the finalists for setting high benchmarks for effectiveness and showcasing the talent diversity in the region, with entries from non-traditional markets such as Indonesia and South Korea making the cut.

The APAC Effie Awards is renowned in the industry for its stringent evaluation of marketing effectiveness and commitment to rewarding ideas that deliver results. The Awards Gala, where the winners will be announced, is scheduled to take place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore on September 13. For the latest updates on the competition, interested individuals can visit

Overall, the 2024 APAC Effie Awards highlight India’s dominance in marketing effectiveness, with a diverse range of finalists from various markets showcasing innovative and impactful campaigns. The event is a testament to the region’s talent and commitment to driving results-driven marketing strategies.