for About twenty thousand and ex-staff have signed up to help out in the fight against the corona virus, writes to the minister by Hugo Young (for Health, Welfare and Sport) Wednesday night in a letter to parliament. In addition, it will be available coronatests investigated in order to determine the test capacity in the Netherlands is increasing.

in The meantime, resigned from the zorgminister Bruno’s Brown relaxed last week in the rules to allow more nurses and doctors to immediately return to work could be. There were nurses and doctors who register in the so-called BIG-registry-beyond 2017 expired, still has to go back to work.

Brown argued that the group will make a push in the back of it. Where it is necessary to pay to the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, continuing education, or training.

In the letter, in which The Young, in the Second Room, it contains information about the current state of play on the COVID-19-the crisis in the Netherlands, which is why the prime minister is that he has more test capacity to create.

Examination of other coronatests

The national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and is, therefore, in the instruction of The Young, a search for any existing coronatests on the market, including the so-called sneltesten. In addition, there will be a special envoy has been appointed to the manufacture of the tests should improve.

with The Young, wrote in the letter to parliament is that the set-up of the production of the air-supplied respirator, in the Netherlands runs smoothly. “The world is developing rapidly. Clinical studies are now being done, and next week will be the first prototype is expected.”

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