2 days left to start another life: a clinic in the city centre has reduced prices on services Laura

If a person’s ears hurt, he feels for a long period of nasal obstruction or foreign object in the throat, loses sense of smell and hearing, there is a twang and he often suffer from viral diseases, it is an occasion to address to the expert in the clinic, “Constant ENT”.

Skilled and charismatic doctors “Constant ENT” have years of experience and high qualifications. Before they put one goal is to help each patient comprehensively to eliminate the problem. The clinic does not want to take more patients, here in the first place deeply and efficiently study each case.

Now in the clinic “Constant ENT” are two shares. Until June 30, hurry up to enroll in initial medical examination at a discount, the admission cost is 1100 rubles instead of 1400 rubles.* Call by phone 8 (383) 209-08-26 right now and choose any convenient date in July and August.