CNN) The US Coast Guard announced Sunday that 18 people were rescued from an isolated ice floe in Lake Erie.

According to the Coast Guard, a sheet of floating ice burst while individuals were snowmobiling.

The Coast Guard stated earlier that authorities used an Air Station Detroit helicopter and a Coast Guard Station Marblehead aircraftboat to rescue the stranded people. The operation was also helped by a “good Samaritan” who had an airboat.

The lake was visible in a satellite image by NOAA before cracking occurred.

Coast Guard released a statement saying that the helicopter had lowered its rescue swimmer, and started lifting operations while Station Marblehead’s aircraft got underway.

According to the Coast Guard, seven people were lifted by the helicopter. Four people were saved by the Coast Guard airboat, while four others were saved by the Coast Guard. The person who helped with an additional airboat saved seven of the remaining seven.

According to the news release, no one required medical attention.

Lt. j.g. stated that “safe ice” is not possible, but people can reduce their risk. Jeremiah Schiessel, Coast Guard Sector Detroit. “Always tell people where you are going and when you expect to return. Great Lakes ice can change quickly and is unpredictable.

On Twitter, the National Weather Service Cleveland warned that an increase in wind could cause ice breakaway from the shore of the lake.

The tweet stated that “you are advised to keep off the ice in Lake Erie because there is the possibility of the ice drifting away from shore.” “Dangerous ice conditions may develop, causing people to get trapped on the ice.”