Heroes 10/12/19 122 “Fritz” Nina Petrova: how to fight, “grandma-sniper”

“Comrade Petrov – member of all combat operations of the regiment, despite his advanced age (52 years), hardy, courageous and brave. During lulls, she has developed 512 snipers. In the battle of Ellington Petrova destroyed from his sniper rifle 32 German soldiers and officers, bringing his personal score to 100. Worthy of awarding the order of Glory I degree,” said General Ivan Fedyuninsky, presenting the reward of one of the best snipers of the great Patriotic war, the only woman involved in the battle for Leningrad, and became a full cavalier of the order of Glory. She beat the enemies without a miss, while she was spoken for like from bullets, and only fatal accident did not allow her to celebrate the Victory Day.

before the war

Nina Pavlovna Petrova was born in 1893 near St. Petersburg, in Oranienbaum (now the city of Lomonosov, Leningrad region). After moving to the Northern capital thin, short girl, Nina, had only just completed his fifth class of the gymnasium, had to take on the role of the nurse in family – suddenly widowed, her mother was left with five small children. Three years after graduating from trade school, Nina Petrova in search of work, changes in the city and profession: in Vladivostok, working as an accountant and pursued his studies in the commercial College, in revel is working for the shipyard. In 1927 together with her daughter, she returned to Leningrad.

Here she has a new passion – she actively enjoys various sports, winning all the new awards and prizes: horse riding, rowing, swimming, Biking, skating, skiing, ball hockey, basketball… Finally she finds her calling – shooting. Her accuracy was truly amazed, she left rivals far behind: on account of Nina Petrova was about 70 honorary awards, including nominal small-caliber rifle. One of the first in Leningrad, it gets the badge “GTO” of the I degree. The athlete not only mastered the art of shooting, but enthusiastically preparing others only in the prewar years, she prepared more than one hundred Voroshilov shooters.

the Path of military glory

the beginning of the great Patriotic Nina Petrova was already 48 years old, and she had some military experience. In the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940 she went to the front as a volunteer, with difficulty persuading the military authorities to take her to work in rehabilitation hospital.

With the same difficulty Nina Petrova made their way to the front and in the autumn of 1941 – at this age it is not subject to appeal. Yielding to her persistence, Petrov was initially taken to the field hospital. However, such snipers, as it was counted on the fingers, and soon Nina Petrova was in the 86th infantry division in Tartu. Defending his native Leningrad, and then walk half of Europe, she has trained more than 500 snipers and selflessly fought in combat positions.

In the late winter of 1944 she was awarded the Order of Glory III degree – on account of its 23 dead fascist. By August this figure increased by another 12 people, and she gets the Order of Glory II degree. Her sniper rifle with a telescopic sight, adorned with gilded plate engraved with: “Petty officer N. P. Petrova, from the commander of the army.” Only during the war, Nina Petrova shot 122 fascist and three were captured, disarmed them, and pulling on himself, despite his fragile physique.

“I’m Tired to fight…”

Despite the constant risk, Nina Petrova managed to avoid death. In a letter to his daughter, she told me that one time during the advance an enemy bullet struck her hat and singed hair, the woman was rescued only a miracle. “Sniper’s right, you see, has youth, since hair shoots” – with a laugh she said. Even on the first serious injury he wrote with humor: nothing, they say, boasted Lieutenant that the fourth year on the frontline and without woundsProtocol – at the same time an enemy shell concussion.

In late April 1945 she last wrote to his beloved daughter: “I Tired to fight it, baby, because for the fourth year at the front. I can’t wait to finish this damn war and go home. How I want to hug you, to kiss sweet granddaughter! May you live to see this happy day. …Soon I will be awarded the order of Glory of the first degree, so grandma will be a full knight, if brings the head to the end…”. Didn’t happen. The order of Glory of I degree was awarded to Nina Petrova posthumously. Cause of death was a ridiculous accident – the car that night on may 1, 1945, she and a group of mortars went into position in the German city of Stettin, due to poor visibility fell off a cliff. To victory was eight days.

the Legendary soldier of the infantry regiment, sniper Nina Pavlovna Petrova was buried at the military memorial in the Polish town of Gryfino.

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